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Men’s Gift Guide


Christmas time is coming! And that means from now until December 25th us ladies will be watching hallmark movies in our fuzzy socks with our favorite bath and body works candles lit and shopping til we drop. I love everything about Christmas, the lights, the movies, the candle scents and comfy clothes, but what I love most is seeing people’s faces when they open a gift from me. I listen carefully throughout the year to what people say so when christmas time comes around they are surprised I remembered talking about something they wanted months ago. However, when it comes to shopping for my husband.. or really any man, I always have the hardest time so I gathered up some gift ideas for ya’ll to hopefully make your life a little easier.

  1. Yeti Rambler Colster if your man is a soda/beer drinker or the Yeti Rambler 30 oz Tumbler if yours is a coffee drinker, these are for you! You can even personalize them with their favorites sports team or even put a deer decal on there for all those hunters!
  2. You can never go wrong with a nice flannel and I found the perfect one! It’s lined with fleece, super warm and offers regular sizes as well as big and tall!
  3. A new tool set for all the handymen out there remodeling our houses like Noah from “The Notebook” lol. Personally my husband wouldn’t like this as a gift but as my niece says “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit”
  4. There is nothing more attractive than a man in a ball cap and like shoes for us, they can never have too many.
  5. For all the hunters out there, a deer target for shooting practice. I’m not even exaggerating, we have had deer in our yard every single day for the last two weeks because the does think this thing is real lol.
  6. And there is always someone who is super picky. I would recommend getting them a new wallet filled with gift cards to their favorite places or even some lottery tickets and cash.

That’s all I got, thanks for reading and hopefully you can find some use in this post! Stay tuned! Gift guide for woman/mom/sister coming soon!

xo Lindsey



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