Life with Infertility

Whether you would have kids one day was never a question that crossed your mind, but more as to when you would have kids. You have had names picked out from age 13. It’s always been your lifelong dream but it has been down on the long term goal list. You want to finish college, get married, start and be more comfortable in your career and then fufill your lifetime dream of being a mom. But when the “perfect” time comes, your own body betrays you.

One trip to the gynecologist to discuss your failure to conceive leads to tests, tests and more tests. One test with bad results which leads to another with good results, just to lead to another with bad. Feeling that you should have more answers after months and months of doctors appointments.

And the anxiety with every pregnancy test taken, feeling the beating in your chest as you wait for the positive result. You can see the excitement in your husbands, your parents, and siblings eyes as you tell them the good news. But you never get it. Instead you have to tell your husband again, it was negative. To see the disappointed look in his eyes, is the worst part. As you try to act strong like it doesn’t bother you, tears swell up in your eyes, making you afraid to blink.

And everyone around you is announcing their pregnancy or giving birth. People who never wanted kids are conceiving within a couple months of trying and you secretly envy them. Your mad at yourself for being the type of person that would feel that way when every gift of life is a blessing but you can’t help the emptiness in your heart.

And the questions from people about when you are planning on having kids constantly reminds you of what you are missing. You want to tell them about the issues you have but cannot muster up the words or courage so you smile and shrug it off with some cheesy line like “someday” or “it will happen when it happens.”

Your faith is shaken. At a time you should be leaning more towards God, you have never felt so far away. You know Gods love for you is strong and his timing is perfect, but the sadness in your heart makes it hard to believe.

And your family and friends are so supportive and you are so blessed to have them; but you don’t want to continue to dwell on the subject always bringing people down. They don’t understand that it consumes your every thought. And you cry on your way to and from work alone in your car, just so you can hold it together around people.

And you suddenly have no idea what your purpose is in life. You love being a wife, daughter, sister and friend but you long for more. And your job is great and you love your coworkers but is life only about working if you can’t have kids? Should you travel? All these things running through your mind, thoughts racing often not allowing you to sleep. This is life with infertility.

Holiday, Style

Men’s Gift Guide


Christmas time is coming! And that means from now until December 25th us ladies will be watching hallmark movies in our fuzzy socks with our favorite bath and body works candles lit and shopping til we drop. I love everything about Christmas, the lights, the movies, the candle scents and comfy clothes, but what I love most is seeing people’s faces when they open a gift from me. I listen carefully throughout the year to what people say so when christmas time comes around they are surprised I remembered talking about something they wanted months ago. However, when it comes to shopping for my husband.. or really any man, I always have the hardest time so I gathered up some gift ideas for ya’ll to hopefully make your life a little easier.

  1. Yeti Rambler Colster if your man is a soda/beer drinker or the Yeti Rambler 30 oz Tumbler if yours is a coffee drinker, these are for you! You can even personalize them with their favorites sports team or even put a deer decal on there for all those hunters!
  2. You can never go wrong with a nice flannel and I found the perfect one! It’s lined with fleece, super warm and offers regular sizes as well as big and tall!
  3. A new tool set for all the handymen out there remodeling our houses like Noah from “The Notebook” lol. Personally my husband wouldn’t like this as a gift but as my niece says “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit”
  4. There is nothing more attractive than a man in a ball cap and like shoes for us, they can never have too many.
  5. For all the hunters out there, a deer target for shooting practice. I’m not even exaggerating, we have had deer in our yard every single day for the last two weeks because the does think this thing is real lol.
  6. And there is always someone who is super picky. I would recommend getting them a new wallet filled with gift cards to their favorite places or even some lottery tickets and cash.

That’s all I got, thanks for reading and hopefully you can find some use in this post! Stay tuned! Gift guide for woman/mom/sister coming soon!

xo Lindsey




Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

My Post

I am sooo excited to share this post with you all covering the Nordstrom Anniversary sale! To be completely honest, I’ve never even shopped at Nordstrom before because it’s way out of my price range, but I fell in love with this sale (literally had $1,000 worth in my cart before making my final decisions.. yikes) It may just be because I’m obsessed with fall and all their new fall arrivals (also who puts their NEW arrivals on sale?) but I’m officially ready for summer to be over and the fall festivals to start. So since Nordstrom is a store where everything is on the pricier side (even on sale) I decided to round up both my favorite pieces from the sale and “dupe” items under $50 from their sister site “Nordstrom Rack” to save you from adding $1,000 to your cart!


Nordstrom Rack Finds


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Let me introduce you to my favorite boutique: Nanamacs

I have been so excited to share this post with you all! Nanamacs is one of my favorite places to shop, not only are their clothes adorable, the models are the best! they have live feeds M-F at 7 PM EDT in which new clothing items launch on their website! Definately try to tune in at that time because their stuff sells out SUPER quickly! If you do happen to miss what you wanted, you can always sign up for the restock at the bottom of the page to be notified when its restocked! Below are some of my favorite pieces, if they are out of stock they have some items in other colors or I encourage you to sign up for the restock if it’s available! Make sure you like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram @nanamacs @nanamacs.kayline @nanamacs.kenzie @nanamacs.ellisa @nanamacs.alex @nanamacs.ali @nanamacs.amy @nanamacs.suzy!

Featured: Medusa Strappy Sandals and Wyatt Self Tie Top
Featured: KIRRA JADE 💕😂

Featured: Good Idea Distressed shorts, Work With It bodysuit, and Downtown Cardigan

Personalized Pet Apparel at Parnell Clothing Co.

Everyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with animals, especially my fur baby, Kirra, so you don’t even know how excited I am to share with you the personalized pet gear you can get at Parnell Clothing Co! They offer a variety of personalized gear including but not limited to: t-shirts, mugs, coasters, throw pillows, scarves, hats, and stickers. Basically how it works is you send them your favorite photo of your fur child for a one time design fee and then once you review it and okay the design you can pick what you want it printed on! Follow them on Instagram @parnellclothingco and place your orders here. Make sure you click the “style your fur child” tab!


Kate Spade Mega Sale!

Hey everyone, happy Tuesday! I found some really cute Kate Spade handbags and lucky for you, they are on SALE (up to 75% off with free shipping!) A girl can never have too many purses or shoes, right?! I included pictures and prices below of a couple of my favorite ones! Go to this website to enter the sale page!



The Mint Julep Boutique Haul

I’m so excited to share with ya’ll all of the amazing pieces I found at The Mint Julep Boutique for the transition from winter to spring! If where you live is anywhere like my hometown, winter literally lasts forever and spring clothes start coming out when there is still snow on the ground with more snow storms pending so I tried to get things that would work well for winter and spring. Other than the sandals, but I couldn’t pass up these perfect Tory Burch Miller sandal dupes because well.. let’s be honest, I can’t afford the real deal, lol. Links to each item in the descriptions!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
I got a size medium in this top and it’s tts. Size 8 sandals also tts.. the BEST Tory Burch Dupes! Jeans are from AE, very high waisted. tts. Sunglasses are from Diff Eyewear (they donate a pair of glasses for every pair purchased!)
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Size medium in this sweater. Literally LOVE. tts. Leggings from Nanamacs. Boots from Charlotte Russe. Wouldn’t hurt to size up one, they are a little snug. 
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Size medium in this top. tts although could size down. Jeans are from AE. Shoes from Journeys.

Charlotte Russe Sale!

As most of you probably know, Charlotte Russe is closing a lot of their brick and mortar stores and since unfortunately my hometown store is one of them, I took advantage of some of the awesome deals! I literally can’t get over this sweater and over the knee boots that I got for under $30! Also, don’t forget to add your email to their subscriber list for an extra 20% off!

Love, Lindsey

Side note: sunglasses are from diff eyewear and leggings are from nanamacs, links below:




Steve Madden Dupe

YOU GUYS! I’ve been wanting a pair of Steve Madden’s forever, but I’m a very frugal person and I couldn’t bring myself to spend the money. Thankfully I found a good, comfortable pair of dupes from PAYLESS. I was skeptical at first because I thought they would be cheaply made and uncomfortable but I was pleasantly wrong. Payless was having a sale at the time (buy one get one 50%) plus I had a 20% off coupon so I decided to get the black fur trimmed ones too! Both pairs linked below!

Grey Steve Madden Dupe

Black Faux Fur Lined Casual Sneakers